GPC believes that collaboration, experience and enthusiasm can enhance small businesses on the top line and bottom line.  We’re focused on growing businesses, not reducing headcount.

We grow businesses the old-fashioned way by listening to customers and growing with them.  Email is nice, but personal interactions are better.

The team specializes in the physical world.  We’re focused on distribution, industrials and light manufacturing. Our team has experience in large, medium and small businesses from start-up through maturity.

We are concerned with all stakeholders.  A company is only as good as its employees.  Great employees make and provide exceptional products and services.  Our goal is to enable employees to help our customers succeed in a sustainable way.



SIZE: Consistent annual cash flow of $1-5M
INDUSTRY: Distribution, industrials and light manufacturing
MANAGEMENT: A strong team that plans to grow with the company
OWNERS: Owners who desire to preserve the company’s legacy but seek to transition from the business over time


We commit to growing your business in a sustainable way which benefits all stakeholders including employees and customers


Our Team

GPC’s team is made up of folks who have started, operated, or exited small/medium businesses.  We’re used to getting into the details and making the tough decisions.

Our Commitment

GPC is committed to the legacy of your business.  We approach business with a long-term perspective focused on employees and customers.

Our Actions

Throughout our careers, we’ve gained the trust of the people and customers we have worked alongside.  We value transparency in dealing with others and sustainability when making decisions.  These tenets lead to long-term successful outcomes for all stakeholders.

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